Things to Know About Commercial or Industrial Doors

Things to Know About Commercial or Industrial Doors

A good company that installs quality doors and shutters for commercial or industrial need should be knowledgeable about:

  • Sliding doors that are automatic
  • Steel security doors
  • Heavy-duty steel commercial shutters

Security matters

And they all need to know all about security measures like:

  • Security gates
  • Bollards which are posts installed to control road traffic and ramming by cars
  • All types of locks

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You are going to be making an investment for locks and doors in a commercial business, so you need to find a company that knows what they are doing. They need to know what they are doing as well as having personnel that has training and experience in the products they install.

Steel construction

Most commercial exterior doors should be of steel construction. Steel doors have a core that is made of foam or a resinous material wrapped in sheets of steel. The construction needs to be strong in terms of enduring regular wear and tear and holding up well against the weather elements. Being this durable comes in handy for applications of security. This is the reason that steel doors are often used as interior doors.

Commercial doors

Commercial doors are meant to be very durable and to withstand any abuse or regular use from clients as well as staff. With exterior doors, they need to be able to withstand all the weather elements also. But eventually, the most well-built commercial doors will have to be replaced. Here are things to look for to know if you need to have new doors installed on a commercial business.

Frequent inspection

You need to make it a habit to inspect all doors regularly at your business, especially exterior doors. Look for any signs of wear and tear that might compromise the integrity of the structure or security of the doors. Look for loose doorknobs, hinges or other issues that need to be repaired. Regular maintenance can extend the life of the investment you have made. Periodically check your locks and security system in order to make certain they are functioning properly. Doing all of this; it’ll help to prevent having to make another large investment.


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