Types of Roofs for an Elegant House

Types of Roofs for an Elegant House

If you are planning to construct a new house, you need to know about one of the most important parts- the roof. Selecting the type of roof is one of the most crucial decisions to take. It depends on the location of the house, the climate, and, most importantly, your needs. There are so many styles of roofs that you may consider for your building. Whether you are planning to build a modern house or an archaic design, this article will help you decide on your roof design. It is always better to take assistance from roofers cedar rapids.

Types of Roofs

  • Flat Roof

Flat roofs are popular as a modern roofing style. It gives houses an edgy look while being convenient.

  • Mansard

If you are someone who needs that extra storage space or an attic room, then this roof style is for you. This type of roof enables you to have substantial attic space. However, this roof gives your house an old Parisian look.

  • Gable

It is, so far, the most popular roofing style. This style is perfect for houses built in a cold climate. Moreover, these roofs are inexpensive to build. Gable roofs are available with roofers’ cedar rapids at cheaper rates.

  • Salt Box

A saltbox roof has two unequal slopes. The front slope is usually larger than the back slope. This type of roof is good as it has weather resistance. The slopes allow snow or rainwater to shed easily on their own.

  • Hip

A hip roof has four slopes. All of them meet at a single point on the apex. That is how they create the shape of a pyramid. Because of the four slopes, it sheds easily.

These are the five most popular roof styles modern and traditional house owners would love. If you are looking to build a new house, you must consider going through them in detail.

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