What is commercial roofing?

What is commercial roofing?

Commercial roofing is a type of protective roofing system that helps the roof of commercial buildings to be in good condition. Since the roof is vulnerable to all kinds of weather conditions like sun rays, snow, water, or storms, it might need repair more often than you think. A simple crack can lead to more serious damage in the future which is why commercial roof installation can be a wise choice for your business.

How is commercial roofing different from residential roofing?

Although the cause of installation of commercial roofing and residential roofing is the same, it differs in the fact that residential roofing systems consist of a much smaller place than commercial ones. There are more slopes, edges, or curves in commercial buildings. Besides, the residential roof does not contain heavy HVAC systems, multiple chimneys, or pipes like in commercial roofing. Commercial spaces or buildings are large structures; hence the work is more difficult and takes more time.

The materials used in both of the roofing systems are also different. Residential roofing includes materials like asphalt, metal panels, slate, tile, and ceramic. While commercial roof installation in Iowa uses PVC, TPO, EPDM, metal, and sometimes asphalt too.

How do you know if you need commercial roof installation?

You might need a commercial roof installation if-

  • The roof has leakages
  • There are heavy cracks
  • The roof is blistered
  • It is old
  • Damaged due to storms

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