Why Homeowners Choose Silk Rugs: A brief take on the benefits and importance of silk rugs in homes

Why Homeowners Choose Silk Rugs: A brief take on the benefits and importance of silk rugs in homes

The journey of silk rugs as a flourishing luxury trade started in ancient Persepolis. During the reign of Achaemenid legends like Cyrus and Darius, the Great Silk trading, since then, fueled the economy of the entire Persian empire and funded their expeditions. However, studies have shown sericulture to be thriving in ancient China as early as 2600 B.C. A silk rug is a luxury decor item that can transform a mundane room into something that catches the eye. Since the very inception of this luxury silk item, it has always been the first choice of the ones who could afford it. Even now after the inception and utilization of multiple alternative materials, a silk rug is still the first choice. Modern materials can visually replicate a silk rug but can never deliver on the utility and character front. A rug made up of silk has no alternatives, thus their popularity is still at a remarkable height. Unsurprisingly, homeowners who are keen on decorating their rooms with rugs most often opt for the ones made up of silk. This article will shed light on the fact and investigate the reasons why the choice of material is so biased. And in the process of explaining, help a buyer with making the right decision. 

What are silk rugs?

Silk-made rugs are produced following an organic protocol. A sturdy and elegant fiber extracted from the cocoon of silkworms. Silk is strong when molded in a fiber form and can be used for decor, clothing, and even heavy-duty purposes. The process of producing a silk rug from the very first stages of silkworm culture is completely eco-friendly and causes minimal pollution. The handmade end-product however can challenge any factory-made rug in terms of looks and can even surpass the same. Due to the handmade origins of a silk rug, the quantity of production is low and the price is in the higher margins. As an industry, it supports a plethora of classes like the farmers and production workers. The economy of entire towns is seen to evolve and thrive around the production and trade of silk-made rugs. Now that there are options like Obeetee carpets to buy silk rugs online there is simply no excuse to settle for a compromise. 

Why not choose anything else?

Durability and strength

The durability of silk is phenomenal. Thus a rug made up of the same material is expedited to withstand years of use and even torture. The coloration is rarely seen to be fading with time, in the case of rugs made out of pure silk. And they are least likely to be destroyed by constant friction. Despite being one of the most durable fibers in the world and the strongest among organically produced fibers, silk is highly elastic. Thus a silk rug is very easy to fold and store in tight spaces without the risk of breaking or tearing. 

Best for acoustics

Due to the thickness of a silk rug, it is a very good insulator of sounds and noises. On the floor, it can act as a damping option and on the walls, it can be used for improving a room’s acoustics. In the case of recording studios and sound engineering workshops, a silk rug can up the game by several notches and deliver an unparalleled acoustic environment devoid of excess reverb and unwanted noises. 

The most glamorous

Despite the presence of modern and more affordable options, a silk rug has no alternative. The fiber is of luxurious quality and known for lasting long. The coloration on silk is rarely seen to be fading and the very presence of a silk rug can change the mood of an entire room. However, decorating a room is not an easy task. Every room is unique in terms of lighting, acoustics, and overall living conditions and demands exclusive attention to detail. A silk rug surprisingly fits in any setting depending on the choice of colors and designs.


Silk rugs are versatile, to say the least. The rugs made out of silk are the most flexible and can be molded according to preferences. A silk rug can be placed on the floor, on the walls, and even as curtains. Thus the versatility of pure silk carpet is without any bound. An investment in silk rugs is thus very wise and can have a plethora of dimensionality to it. Apart from the materialistic versatility, a silk rug is also decoratively versatile. It can be placed in any decor set up and regardless of the mood, it mingles with the environment with ease and finesse. 

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