Do You Want To Install A French Drain? 

Do You Want To Install A French Drain? 

A French drain is some kind of fixture meant for any basement that may be prone to water pooling and flooding. A French drain will remove water from your basement floor through a trench and perforated pipe that goes to the sump pump outside the property.

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Pros and cons of a French drain


1. If you install during the building of your home, it will add about $1500 to 2000+ to your cost of the foundation, however, later you need not worry about doing it again.

2. It will collect the groundwater and then pump it away through a sump pump away from your home.


1. After your home is built, then installing in the basement a French drain is very difficult and expensive because it will need a jackhammer to pass through the concrete and also involve digging of trench and shrubs, stairs, walkways, etc. must have to be moved. Also, you need to be aware of any sewer lines and buried gas. Installing at this stage may cost you over $7000.

2. The sediment and debris may also clog the pipe that can cause it to again back up into your basement.  Also, the French drain may collect clog and sediment that is difficult to clear out.

3. Settling may occur with a French drain when you add a French drain because the soil will begin to settle around your foundation and also negative grading will start to form in your yard.

4. It will not keep water out as water may still come in from your wall.

5. The drain may survive only for 10 years and then again you need to repeat the whole process.


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