How Can You Style a Pet-Friendly Kitchen?

How Can You Style a Pet-Friendly Kitchen?

More than a million families in the United States own at least one pet. They spend money to keep their pets safe and comfortable as they treat them as part of the family. The kitchen, among all spaces, is considered the heart of the house, where memories and discussions take place. Thus, most pet owners must have a secure kitchen for their families and pets.

Creating a pet-friendly kitchen is a breeze once you have made the decision. Pets are prone to wandering towards the kitchen. Dogs, for instance, love to be near their “pack,” while cats want to be near the action. Unfortunately, pets can get in the way of your cooking and mess up your floors. The good thing is that there are several ways to create a pet-friendly kitchen.

First, consider the amount of space your pet will have in the kitchen. It should be able to accommodate all your pets’ needs, including food, water, and a place to play. You can make this space more comfortable by placing a scratching post or ball inside the kitchen. 

Another way to create a pet-friendly kitchen is to incorporate a special place where your pets can nap and have their best meals. If you have a dog bed or other pet supplies, place them nearby so that your pup can rest comfortably. If you don’t have a space for it, you can also put their favorite toys in an adjacent cabinet or drawer.

For instance, if you have a cat, you will need a particular area for keeping their toys and supplies. This area should be separate from your food storage and toxic items. A special drawer or section in the pantry cabinet should be reserved for food and water bowls, and a cat-walk shelf should be located near the feeding area. You can consider cabinet refacing Riverside for the best-quality designs and installations of cabinets and shelves.

Aside from choosing designs for your kitchen, you should choose scratch-resistant flooring and has adequate traction for your pet’s joints. Make sure that your floor is safe and sanitary to avoid unwanted incidents of your pet. Flooring with laminate or tiles is best for your kitchen. Kitchen cabinet refacing Orange County offers professional service for those who want a pet-friendly kitchen.

 Here is an infographic from Kitchen Cabinet Refacing to give you more information.

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