Water Heater Tips And Code Violations Homeowners Should Know

Water Heater Tips And Code Violations Homeowners Should Know

Water heaters are essential in many situations. From showers or baths to hand washing and cooking, having a water heater is vital in everyday living.

The Winter season is usually the time that water heaters are mostly used. Although Florida has one of the mildest winters in the continental United States, the chilly weather should not be overlooked. Therefore, it is still worth considering a water heater Punta Gorda FL.

Homeowners should know the proper maintenance so their water heaters last long. A few preventive maintenances can increase the longevity of the water heater.

One of the tips is to drain the tank and wash out sediment. Drain the remaining water in the tank into a bucket, then open the cold-water supply valve briefly to stir up the sediment on the tank’s bottom. Drain and rinse until clean water emerges from the hose.

Another tip is to adjust the temperature. This temperature dial is a single knob that reins the amount of heat being directed to the unit. Adjust the knob as needed to crank up or lower the temperature. Lower temperature can save up energy costs. 

With that said, it is worth to note that even with these tips, the quality of water heaters can deteriorate in time, and Florida plumbing services may be the best way to keep them in decent condition. 

In addition, there are codes that homeowners must follow and code violations they may not be aware of. Some of these code violations are the following:

  • According to International Code Council (ICC), a drain pan is only necessary if it has not been previously installed. But, it is a violation of the ICC to add one if there was a drain pan. If your water heater is in a basement (or any other location in your house that might cause leaking or damages), you will need to install a drain pan underneath it.
  • Sediment traps are used to prevent debris from entering the gas line and causing harm to your water heater’s gas valve. The sediment trap should be installed downstream of the shutoff valve and near the inlet as possible. Skipping on a sediment trap is a code violation. 
  • Propane and gas water heaters create carbon monoxide. It is a violation of the code to place them in prohibited areas in your home.
  • It is illegal to place earthquake straps around your water heater if it is in an earthquake-prone location. This allows the heater to withstand horizontal forces equaling to one-third its operational weight. This means that your water heater should be protected against earthquake damage.
  • It is a code violation if your home’s water pressure constantly exceeds 80 PSI (pounds per square inch) and you do not have a pressure regulator to assist you in lowering your water pressure to safe levels.


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