How To Make Your House Paint Last Longer?

How To Make Your House Paint Last Longer?

Painting your interior and exterior walls of the house is a job that requires lots of patience, time, and money, and good quality house paint (สีทาบ้าน, which is the term in Thai) can be very costly depending upon the features they offer. Sometimes due to rain, heat, and other factors, exterior walls get damaged; if your house paint is not strong enough, it can also damage your interior walls. But it would help if you used good quality house paint to make it last longer. 

Having a good paint job done to make not only increases your house’s aesthetics but also protects your house from heat and water. If you will get your home painted soon or want to make your house paint last longer, follow the below-mentioned tips.

Prepare Your Wall

Before putting an expensive layer of paint on your house’s exterior and interior walls, ensure they are adequately prepared. Clean the surface and make them even for smooth application of the paint. For the base coat, I prefer water- or oil-based primer. 

Always Use The Right Type Of Paint

For exterior walls, always prefer suitable quality paints because they are specifically made to protect your house’s outer walls from getting damaged. Also, they have many benefits, like not getting hardened over time, preventing blisters, and being incredibly eco-friendly. You can use acrylic latex paint over water-based or oil-based primers. 

Garden At A Distance

If you have a garden in your backyard or in front of your house, make sure your plants are planted far from the walls. Plants near the house walls can create moisture, leading to wall erosion and rot. Maintain the frequent cleaning of your garden area and keep it dry. 

Repair Damage

Whenever you witness your exterior and interior walls getting damaged or moist, get them repaired instantly. Avoiding this can completely spoil your walls. If you have a leaky roof or basement where water gets stored easily, fix them before time and make your walls live longer. 

Watch Out For Cracks

Please pay attention to the cracks in your wall; it all starts with a little break on the side of the window. Get it fixed soon and increase the life of your walls.


Maintaining house paints is difficult, but once you get everything done correctly, you don’t have to invest in those expensive paints again and again.

Michaela Foy

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