Mark Roemer Oakland Looks at The Best Cities for Gardening in California

Mark Roemer Oakland Looks at The Best Cities for Gardening in California

According to Mark Roemer Oakland, more people in the city are growing their own produce as a hobby or for adding more organic ingredients to their diet. However, all cities aren’t that well suited to urban gardening. Let’s check out the best cities for gardening in California. 

The Cities

1. Los Angeles

LA is famous for the glamor and glitz of the film industry and also ranks at the top as the best tourist destination in the US. A less-known fact about the city is that it’s also great for gardening. The weather is ideal throughout the year for growing succulents both indoors and outdoors. The sunny weather and mild temperatures allow you to grow a wide variety of crops. 

One of the greatest advantages of the city is that it enjoys the longest growing season in the country. That’s why there are several personal and commercial urban gardens in the city. You’ll find everything from container pots on the balcony to vertical gardens on tall apartments. LA also has thriving community gardens. If you live in LA or plan to move there, you can grow everything from corn and peppers to beets and celery across its several growing seasons. 

2. San Francisco

San Francisco isn’t a stranger to urban gardens. The first legal commercial farm, Little City Gardens was established in the city back in 2011 and since then both commercial urban gardening and personal gardening have skyrocketed in the city. That’s why San Francisco even developed its comprehensive urban agriculture program to create an ecosystem for personal gardens, community gardens, and commercial urban farms in the city. 

The program birthed the Urban Agriculture Resource Centers in the city. These centers provide free gardening classes to residents and also offer them free soil, mulch, and compost. The program created infrastructure that gives residents all the information and resources necessary to build a tiny personal garden or even a commercial urban gardening permit for your building. 

3. Oakland

Oakland is another city that has thriving urban gardens everywhere you go. The city witnesses long summers that are comfortable and mostly clear with short and partly cloudy winters. It also falls in the US hardiness zones 9 to 10. Those factors arm Oakland with some of the best environments for growing veggies for most of the year. 

You can grow everything from beans and cabbages to artichokes, kale, and gourds. Even if you live in a small apartment and don’t have any space to grow anything, you can participate in local community gardens to grow herbs, veggies, fruits, and organic flowers. You can also get your kid into gardening by enrolling them in youth gardening schools.     


Mark Roemer Oakland suggests that you take inspiration from the above-mentioned cities and start growing something at your home. You may not be successful in growing veggies or herbs initially and may experience very low yields. However, you’ll be able to hone your gardening skills and make the best out of your tiny garden if you stick to it.

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