Roofing in Central Texas and the Round Rock Area

Roofing in Central Texas and the Round Rock Area

If you live in the Round Rock Texas area, the weather in Texas is one where your roof is always getting somewhat beaten up. Whether it is cold weather in the winter sometimes bringing ice or snow or the spring where there are many storms with wind and rain. In the summer, the temperature can go for days on the hundred-degree mark literally baking your roof.

DIY vs. Professional

You might think that you can do this yourself but when you don’t hire one of the Round Rock roofing companies, you will have to eventually pay a small fortune on your roof down the road. Plus, a roof that is worn-out can cause many accidents that can be avoided by using a professional.

When needed

There are several ways you will know you need a new roof or repair. These include:

  • Water leaking through your roof
  • Roof is more than 20 years old
  • Mold is seen on the roof
  • Shingles are curling up

Water damage

If water is leaking from your roof, perhaps into your attic, it is only going to get worse so it is best to act as soon as possible. This could be a problem with:

  • Gutters
  • Shingles
  • Flushing

A professional roofing company can find the problem and make recommendations to what needs to be done.

Roof too old

If the roof on your home is more than 25 years old, it is time to start thinking about replacing the roof. Most roofs will need to be changed every 25 years or so. A good roofer can talk to you about this and make recommendations. A roof that is older than that is bad damage waiting to happen and cost you more money later.

Curled shingles

Curled shingles mean that the roof has served you well, but it is time to get a new one. You can get a repair or replacement from Round Rock roofing professionals and your roof will once again be in good shape to protect your home again.


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